Photojournalist and communications specialist


'Safety with a smile'

The Napo series of animated films features characters in the world of work. The main character, Napo, and his partners express themselves in a wordless language. But how can Napo help make workplaces safer and healthier?

Napo is an original idea conceived by a small group of OSH communications professionals seeking to break down national boundaries and address the diverse cultures, languages and practical needs of people at work in Europe and elsewhere.

The Napo films are used throughout the world in over 177 countries for training, education and awareness raising by companies and institutions large and small. Napo is not a safety expert. His point of view is not that of the safety professional. ‘Safety with a smile’ is Napo’s contribution to safer, healthier and better workplaces. 

Peter was one of four like-minded people who participated as jury members in Film Festivals in the 1990s organised by the the European Commission seeking to find high quality films that could be translated and distributed throughout Europe.

The idea was turned on its head. Instead of trying to identify films they decided to fund and produce a film made specifically for the purpose. Following a competition, Via Storia from Strasbourg was invited to produce the first film about safety signs. Napo was born!

‘Safety with a smile’ is Napo’s contribution to safer, healthier and better workplaces. Sixteen years on and 20 films later Napo is going from strength to strength, not only in Europe but worldwide, especially in Central and South America.