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ISSA/ILO World Congress


August 2014


Film and multimedia productions from nine different countries received awards.

A Special Media Session opened the Congress with the theme 'Media can...' showing how media can contribute to a prevention culture by raising awareness. Media can also educate, train, influence and entertain using drama, animation and humour.

The Media Festival was held in a room transformed into a cinema with a neon 'Cinema' sign hanging above the entrance and the sweet smell of popcorn wafting through the foyer to entice delegates to sample not only the popcorn but also the films. It worked well! Most sessions were full and members of the audience were delighted to receive their bag of popcorn on their way into the cinema. 

There was a record number of entries in 2014 with over 290 media productions from 33 countries including 220 films. The Jury was impressed with the quality, the many innovative and imaginative productions, and the high standard of the entries. In particular, the increasing use of short films and animation, TV spots and social media, and the use of strong emotion in the storytelling.

Emotion was a feature of one of the winning entries from Brazil. Vale, a global mining company employing 136,000 workers across five continents, produced three films under the campaign banner 'The Day of Reflection' devised to create awareness for managers and employees to reflect on the value for life across all Vale’s business units. 'How would you feel if a loved one did not come home?', a black and white film with a beautiful rhythm and a powerful impact, impressed the Jury with its deep emotion and montage of real people telling their own stories in their own words. In complete contrast, to illustrate both the diversity and the influence of culture and national identity on safety films, the Social Security Organisation (SOC SO) in Malaysia received an award for their film 'Imagine',a light comedy that showed the importance of keeping vehicles maintained. The story was told in a humorous way with an engaging dialogue between the car mechanic and the customer, and the jury recognised that safe maintenance was important in all fields of OSH.

A humorous but profound film featured Father Christmas and won an award for the DGUV in Germany for 'Der Weihnachtsmann (Santa Claus)'. Santa did his work in the traditional way distributing gifts throughout the world but he was not happy. In an interview he expresses his dissatisfaction with the monotony of his job, and explains that he wants some variety in his work. The jury was attracted by the use of the familiar, old character of Father Christmas addressing a modern phenomena - stress, monotony, burnout and dissatisfaction - and commended the film for its humour and high production values.

Other winners included 'What comes first', a combined venture between the LHS Foundation and Saipem in Italy and the London-based production company Pukka Films. Drama of a different kind was seen in a short TV spot from Denmark. 'Video greeting' which featured a young employee starting work in a restaurant kitchen and making a 'video selfie' for her mother when she suffered a serious accident.More drama from Singapore where the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) won an award for their film 'This could be you'.

Multimedia category

Three awards were made in the Multimedia category to the Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety FCOS in Switzerland for their FCOS or EKAS Box. A second award was made to the Engagement Game by TNO in The Netherlands and a third award went to the Working Environment Guide of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

Media Festival on the internet

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