Photojournalist and communications specialist

DOK Leipzig 2018

Healthy Workplaces Film Award

The jury gave a special mention for a dedicated fly-on-the-wall film that mercilessly captures the paralysing bureaucracy at the housing department in Naples. It was not only the clients but also the public servants who were paralysed by the mysteries of the system where nobody appeared to be responsible for anything.

Very well shot and edited, all done with great humour and compassion, for the protagonist. A special mention goes to the film “Open to the Public” by Silvia Bellotti.

The jury’s award-winning film threw light on the global working hierarchy where economic necessity creates imbalances for others to prosper. The need for money makes women leave their families at home to fill the gap in the care for the elderly in the west. The film was produced in an appealing manner which connected well with its audience.

The Healthy Workplaces Film Award for 2018 went to the film “Marina” by Julia Roesler.”

left to right: Wessel van der Hammen, Carmen Lossman and Peter Rimmer