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DOK Leipzig 2017

Healthy Workplaces Film Award

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) presented its ninth Healthy Workplaces Film Award at the 60th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig) in November 2017.

A car drives through post-apocalyptic scenes: ruined factory buildings, empty sites, dilapidated houses and apartment blocks visible through a smoke-filled and heavily polluted atmosphere. A catalogue of disaster images meets a science fiction fantasy.

Filmed in the US, the ‘Rust Belt’ of Indiana is the backdrop against which political rhetoric and the vision of innovators is sharply contrasted. This short film (18 mins) raises critical issues about work itself, and asks important questions about ‘the future of work’ with artificial intelligence, automation and robotics changing the face of the industrial landscape.

The unanswered question is: “How will we adapt to an automated future?”

Key points:

  • what is the future of work?
  • will new technologies replace traditional industries and jobs?
  • how will we manage the safety of artificial intelligence, automation and robotics?
  • what is the impact of new technologies on work and the modern worker?
  • ignore Donald Trump!

The Jury agreed that ‘Before the bridge’ provided a thought-provoking and topical narrative about the future of work and the impact of new technology, providing EU-OSHA with a good, short film which would generate discussion. 

Coupled with this, a Special Mention for the film ‘Alien’. Set in Turkey, the film provided a sharp contrast - beautifully shot and without dialogue, it documented the day in the working life of a spinner of fine metallic threads. Another short film, it could be shown on the same programme.

‘Turtle shells’ was a joint-winner. So, there were joint winners – ‘Before the bridge’ and ‘Turtle shells’, and a Special Mention for ‘Alien’.

Peter Rimmer, Barbara Hobbie and Rod Stoneman

Before the bridge


Turtle Shells