Photojournalist and communications specialist

DOK Leipzig 2016

Healthy Workplaces Film Award

A coming of age story of three young people whose idealism clashes with a harsh reality. 

The film tells the emotional story of three young teachers - one male and two female - and their first working experience, a period called “Referendariat” in Germany. They realise that their studies have left them unprepared for their very responsible and important jobs.

The film accompanies them on the way to their full qualification. Their ideals are subjected to a tough examination when being caught between modern education philosophies and strategies, and the day-to-day life in their schools. Closely monitored with cinematic means and without comment, the film shows precisely how difficult it is to implement theoretical blueprints in reality.

A film of its time – stress personified. The main protagonists are well chosen, well developed and appealing. 

The filmmaker’s 'cinema verité' approach allowed the viewer to be close to their human drama which touched our hearts and stimulated our minds.

With a sense of humour, an occasional touch of sarcasm from one of the older teachers, and a serious underlying message about the fate of young people and their futures at its heart, the film "To be a Teacher" won the Healthy Workplaces Award for 2016. 

Rada Sesic and Peter Rimmer

Healthy Workplaces Jury

Jakob Schmidt